Glass Window


  • Up to 950 lb. capacity (750 lb. standard)*
  • 36 f.p.m. nominal car speed
  • Up to 6 stops with 50 feet of floor to floor travel*
  • Minimum pit depth of 8 inches required (10” recommended)
  • Minimum overhead clearance of 8'0” required (9'6” recommended)
  • Up to 15 square feet interior cab sizes available (12 sq. ft. standard)*
  • *Consult factory for other custom options available

Safety Devices

  • Type “A” instantaneous governor actuated car safety
  • Pipe rupture valve
  • Upper and lower terminal limit switches
  • Top final limit switch
  • Slack cable switch
  • Emergency car lighting in cab
  • Emergency keyed stop switch in cab
  • Emergency push button alarm in cab
  • Automatic car releveling device
  • Floor selectable battery lowering device
  • Emergency manual lowering valve
  • Emergency telephone in cab
  • Solid panel cab doors with approved safety switch
  • Infra-red door edge protection with automatic door reopen system
  • Approved electro mechanical hoistway door interlocks
  • Impact buffers below elevator car
  • UL and/or CSA certified electrical and hydraulic devices
  • Manufactured in accordance with ASME A17.1 Safety Code
  • Pit stop switch


  • 1:2 roped hydraulic drive
  • (3) 3/8” diameter hoist cables
  • Single stage hydraulic piston and
    cylinder with pressure balance self adjusting seal
  • Heavy duty cantilevered design car sling with roller guide shoes
  • 8 lb. per foot steel tee guide rail system
  • 220 volt single phase power supply (three phase optional)
  • Vibration free submersible pump/motor assembly with (5) Horsepower motor
  • Two speed control valve with (4) solenoids, soft start and stop, and constant down-speed regulation
  • Heavy duty DC Master door operator with field adjustable torque fast speed and slow speed control

Controls/Push Button Fixtures

  • Automatic pushbutton control
  • Microprocessor based control system with uninterrupted battery back-up Emergency lowering with automatic door operation
  • Light-up push buttons in car and hall with Braille
  • Digital floor position indicator with direction arrows in car
  • Floor “Stop/Pass” audible signal in car
  • Automatic cab lighting with override switch
  • Automatic indicator light time-out feature
  • Automatic “Home Park” feature to designated floor
  • Low oil protection timer circuit
  • Top of car inspection operation
  • Recessed telephone box with phone