Roped Hydraulic Elevator


Coastal Elevator Inc. designs and builds one of the best residential elevators on the market, offering superior quality, craftsmanship, and design that can be integrated into new or existing architecture.


  • Standard and luxury cabs available
  • Automatic controls; commercial grade components and fixtures
  • Quiet hydraulic drive
  • Holeless design does not require excavation for hydraulic cylinder

Best suited for

  • Homes and residential buildings

Coastal Elevator Inc. offers homeowners an affordable vertical transportation option that adds accessibility, comfort, and value to their homes. Coastal Elevator Inc residential elevators are available in two sizes that are offered as standard packages or luxury models.

Coastal Elevator Inc. offers two types of residential elevators: 7000 series and 9000 series. The 7000 series is designed to be more adaptable when space is limited; the 9000 series is a full–size residential elevator. Coastal Elevator offers standard cabs as well as luxury cars.


  • 750 and 950 lbs


  • Low-rise buildings
  • Up to 45 ft of rise

 Specifications and Drawings

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